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Eviction Litigation

Eviction Litigation

Our subscription clients don’t have to pay us any additional fees to file a case (usually $195), or even if the case is jury demanded and goes through pre-jury trial litigation (usually $300). We just need the court costs, and you’re off.

Pre-Litigation Demands

Pre-Litigation Demands

Our pre-litigation demands help our clients resolve issues without going to court. We execute demand letters, email and calls on tenants to help secure compliance with leases. Keeping your tenants in check, and you out of court is a win.

Legal Compliance

Legal Compliance

We provide compliance consulting to help ensure our clients are following the Chicago Landlord Tenant Residential Ordinance and applicable landlord-tenant laws. We’re always at arms reach to address your concerns, and help avoid costly penalties for non-compliance.

Eviction Notice Preparation

Eviction Notice Preparation

We offer consultations on eviction notice preparation to make sure you’re using the proper notice for the proper purpose. In addition to our 5 and 30 day notice services, we’ll draft 10 day notices for situations which involve a lease breach. We can also streamline the process if you’re in need of a special process server to serve your papers.

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  • Seamless Assistance

    Well I was in a bit of a distress trying to understand the language of lawyers. They were flexible and available to break down the conversations and make the settlement as seamless as possible. The education component that was given to me and my family was perfect. I commend these lawyers on doing a great job..

    Seamless Assistance
    Joi Terry
    Facebook Review
  • No Headaches

    [They] just explained very simple how the process of eviction need to be done and he saved me from a lot of headaches. He knew exactly what to say and solve my tenants problem.

    No Headaches
    Avvo Review
  • Made So Easy

    After ten years in the business never have the eviction process been made so easy.. my tenants were out quick because Chi City moved quick…. excited for my future

    Made So Easy
    Rosalind Cotton
    Google Review

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