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On receipt of a signed copy of this letter along with payment we will commence representation of your future Chicago eviction and landlord-tenant matters.


Under our client-membership program you will be entitled to consultations and services as detailed below. Membership commences upon payment as an EARNED FEE, and will continue monthly as detailed below. You authorize Chi City Legal to charge the credit card on file on a monthly basis if paid by credit card.



Potential clients can either pay the startup fee up front, or pay down the startup fee over time as a deductible.

  • If the client chooses to pay the startup fee up front, then the client will receive a 10% discount on the startup fee;
  • If the client wishes to pay down the startup fee as a deductible, then the client will pay a 20% reduced rate for new evictions, or $156 per new eviction, which will be applied to the startup fee over time and as needed.

The client opts to pay the startup fee:   

per month for  unit(s)

Discount Code:    

In exchange for representation on eviction matters, you agree to reimburse Chi City Legal, LLC on a schedule basis. The schedule for our fees with a membership is provided in the chart below:



Included / Added Fee

Filing Matter through Bench Trial


Jury Demand


Pre-Litigation Demands


Lease Checkups/Review


Eviction Notice Preparation

5, 10 and 30 Day

Discovery and Motion Practice


Jury Trial

+ $1,500



These amounts do not include any costs or expenses related to your litigation or other services provided. You will be expected to pay your own costs in this matter, or reimburse your attorney for any costs. Should any costs become necessary we would bring those to your attention at that time, and consult with you prior to taking on any costs.  Such costs include, but are not limited to: alias summons ($6/defendant), filing fees ($268/matter), certification fees ($9/document), special process server ($75), and sheriff’s service ($60/defendant), sheriff’s eviction ($60.50), and postage. The credit card processor used by Chi City Legal may apply a surcharge for credit card transactions which are borne by the Client.



By signing this agreement you agree to cooperate with our firm as your attorneys.  This includes providing any necessary documentation, being available to respond to inquiries from your attorneys, and making yourself available should you need to go into court on this matter.  As your attorneys we will keep you readily aware of the situation on our end, and be responsive to questions you have in respect to this matter.  However, we will not take actions outside the scope of this agreement. You also agree to the TERMS and CONDITIONS on the following page.


As your attorneys we cannot guarantee any success as to any individual matter, but we will pursue it to the fullest of our abilities.  Additionally, while we can advise you regarding any settlement proposals offered by the adverse party, the final decision as to accepting any settlement is left upon you as an individual.


We look forward to working with you and are honored to represent you.  Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any questions concerning these matters.






  1. By subscribing to the CHI CITY LEGAL, LLC SUBSCRIPTION PLAN, you authorize us to charge the applicable subscription fees to your credit card on file.
  2. If your credit card reaches its expiration date and you have not updated your payment information with us or cancelled your account, you authorize us to continue billing your credit card and you will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts.
  3. Each charge on the applicable billing date applies to the subscription period immediately following the billing date (so a charge for a monthly subscription in January is for the CHI CITY LEGAL, LLC service in the month of February).
  4. We reserve the right to increase your monthly, annual, or other periodic subscription fee after any applicable minimum commitment period has been fulfilled, but we will notify you at least 30 days in advance of any change in this subscription fee. If you do not accept the new fees, you should terminate your subscription before the new fees go into effect.
  5. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your subscription to the CHI CITY LEGAL, LLC service without notice if your credit card is rejected or if your card issuer seeks the return of payments previously made to us. You agree to pay (i) any outstanding balance in full within 30 days of cancellation of your subscription, and (ii) a late charge on all amounts more than 30 days past due. The late charge will be 1.5% of the past due amount or the highest rate allowed by law (whichever is less) per month. Such rights are in addition to and not in lieu of any other legal right or remedies available to CHI CITY LEGAL, LLC.
  6. We also reserve the right to refer your account to a third-party for collection to pursue unpaid amounts, and you will remain liable to us for all unpaid charges and all the costs we incur to collect those charges (such as collection agency fees).
  7. In the event the client terminates the monthly plan, and then resume, each lapsed month must be paid up.





Service begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. You’ll be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase, every month, until you cancel. Because there’s no annual contract, your rate is subject to change, but we’ll always notify you beforehand. Cancellations can be made any time by contacting CHI CITY LEGAL, LLC at 312.888.7667 or


Changes to this Agreement

We need the flexibility to update this agreement from time to time as our business changes. If we make substantive changes, we will notify you at least 30 days in advance (to give you time to review the changes and cancel your account if you do not want to be bound by the revised version, although we certainly hope you do not cancel your account).

If you ( ) agree to these terms, please sign below.

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