Louis M. Brown Award Meritorious Recognition!

We were recently Awarded Meritorious Recognition of the American Bar Association’s Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access. That’s a mouthful. Moreover, we went up against some big dogs in the legal field, and were one of two recipients of a pool of 42 nominees after the Chicago Bar Foundation took the cake. You may recognize some of our competition, which included:

What’s it all about? “The Louis M. Brown Award for Legal Access is presented annually to programs and projects that advance access to legal services for those of moderate incomes in ways that are exemplary and replicable. All nominees of the Brown Award are also entered into the running for Brown Select, which is presented to the Brown Award nominee that gets the most votes from the general public through online voting.”

Well, we didn’t get the Brown Select. It turns out a conglomerate of law schools inside the state of Nebraska turned out the votes. Congrats Cornhuskers!

Why were we in the running? 

Chi City Legal is a law firm dedicated to assisting small and medium sized landlords in the Chicago area who would otherwise navigate the eviction process as self-represented litigants. Chi City uses off-the-shelf technology to increase transparency and decrease costs. The technology reduces the friction between landlords and the legal system, and allows Chi City to increase the scale of services provided as it leverages the resources of two attorneys to run a bulk practice. Chi City’s goal is two-fold: (1) to provide cost-effective legal services for an underserved community; and (2) to serve as a model for small law firms to compete in a new era.

We’re thrilled to receive this award as it’s a huge honor and hope to continue to innovate.


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